Are crossbows a good defensive weapon?

There are a lot of different options that one can choose from when considering purchasing a weapon for survival. A person can choose to buy a knife, a gun, or even a crossbow.

Of course, there are not a lot of people that consider buying a crossbow. Even thought it is one of the best choices that one can have when it comes to finding the perfect weapon for survival.

And while most people choose to buy a gun, you have to wonder if that is the best choice for survival. Are guns good for defense and offense?

Will a gun be a good thing to hunt food with and protect your family? If you believe it is, then go ahead and buy yourself a gun.

But if you think that there may be something better than a gun as a defensive or offensive weapon then you should continue reading.

The Crossbow

Most people don’t consider a crossbow as a must have weapon. But they are more useful than one may think. Crossbows are quiet weapons. If you shoot a crossbow, you don’t have to worry about a lot of people hearing you shoot it.

Crossbows are also easier to care for than a gun. With a gun, if it is not cleaned properly, you have to worry about it jamming up. But with a crossbow, you don’t have to worry about that happening.

In my opinion and from all …

Gifts For Horse Equestrians

I have been buying gifts for horse equestrians for a long time. The one thing that has never been easy is finding the perfect gift for them. Mostly because most horse equestrian already have everything that they could possibly want or need. Another thing is that gifts for horse equestrians are hard to find.

Most people have a hard time finding gifts for horse equestrians because they already have everything. However, you can find some of the best birthday gifts for equestrians at Lost Envelope.

At the Lost Envelope, they have composed a great list of all of the best gifts for horse equestrians. There is something on this list for everyone.

So you can be sure that the gift you are getting ready to purchase for your horse equestrian family or friend member is one that they will love. One that they can use. One that they would be proud to have.

You can find a few of the best gifts at the site listed above. You can also read more here.

Where can I find the best pima cotton bed sheets?

Shopping for bed sheets can slowly become a hassle. Especially if you have no experience in buying bed sheets. I know, it not normal to think that you need experience to purchase bed sheets, but it is true.

If you have no knowledge about what kind of bed sheets will be best for you and your home, then you have no idea what to look for or even where to look.

There are certain things that matter when you are looking for bed sheet sets. Thread count, size, fabric, and color are often considered when it comes to choosing a bed sheet set.

Shop Here

That is why most people shop for their bed sheet sets at BedSpace. It has a ton of different bed sheet sets made by different brands. All of which have different thread counts and even colors.

I purchase my bed sheets at BedSpace often because they have the best pima cotton sheets available.

Now, if you would like to learn more, you can read here.

Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases

I have been searching for a while for a set of mulberry silk pillowcases. I have always had a bed sheet set that came with matching pillowcases. However, when I purchased my mulberry silk bed sheets, I could not believe that they didn’t have pillowcases in it.

So I decided that I would began looking for some mulberry silk pillowcases to go with my bed sheet set. Turns out, finding mulberry pillow cases was not as easy as I thought it would be.

But then, just when I was about to give up and just purchase some pillow cases that matched my bed sheet set, I found some mulberry silk pillow cases online!

I found them on this cute little site called This site not only had mulberry silk pillowcases, but it also had mulberry silk bed sheets and mulberry silk comforters available for purchase. I didn’t know how to act, I was so excited.

I even found the mulberry silk pillowcases that matched the mulberry silk bed sheet set that I had already purchased from another company. After reading the reviews of this website, and ordering my mulberry silk pillow cases from them, I know that the next time that I order something that is mulberry silk, it will be done from their website.

There are just so many great qualities about mulberry silk pillowcase, that I could never imagine sleeping on anything else for the rest …

The Best Pet Stroller

Looking for the best pet stroller can be a difficult task if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are a lot of different pet strollers available in a lot of different colors.

That is why you should find a great list with all of the best pet strollers that are available. You will be sure to find some of the best pet strollers online.

Pet Stroller For Your Money

You can find the best pet strollers for your money by looking online at Fit City Moms. A website that was designed to make sure that you are able to find the best pet stroller for you and your pet. All without breaking your bank account.

Giving you the option to find the pet stroller that is both the color and style that you like the best. Of course, you can find more information by looking online here as well.

How Water Damage Causes Mold Growth

If you were to put together a list of the worst things that a homeowner would have to deal with then it would not take you long to put water damage on the list. Water damage can be a total nightmare to deal with due to the fact that it can happen at practically any time and its aftermath is often devastating. One of the worst byproducts of water damage is that of mold. Many people do not realize that there is a connection between mold and water damage. Here are some of the ways that water damage can cause mold growth.

Mold Needs Two Things

First you must understand that mold requires two things in order to grow. It must have heat and it must have moisture. Given that most water damage occurs during nasty weather it is a no-brainer that mold could come about from it. However it needs to be understood that mold also requires the right materials to latch onto. Mold likes to grow in places that are porous or places that have openings that it can grow around and spread its spores.

When you have water damage make its way into an area such as an attic you are looking at a veritable breeding ground for mold. In fact the attic may be the best spot in the house for mold to start growing. This is because the attic can accumulate water through a leaky …

What Is The Difference Between Egyptian and Pima Cotton

pima-cottonEgyptian cotton is some of the most sought after and beloved cotton in the world. This is due to the fact that it is incredibly durable, comfortable, and versatile. There are so many people who look at it as an investment in their home’s comfort and style. However, there are some who do not know the difference between Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton. Here we will break down the differences and give you the information that you need to decide which one is best for you.

The 20% Divide

The first thing you need to understand is that Egyptian cotton does not merely refer to cotton that is made in Egypt. Egyptian cotton refers specifically to Gossypium Barbadense. Pima Cotton may come from the same source as the sheets you see as being Egyptian cotton, but only 20% of Egyptian cotton actually qualifies as Pima. This is because Pima cotton is a highly sought after and desired “extra long staple cotton”. This simply means that the cotton features longer than usual strands and can be used to make even softer, even more durable cloth.


If it sounds like Pima is the obvious choice keep in mind there are some disadvantages you will face. Egyptian cotton is fairly expensive on its own. Pima cotton is even more expensive. The high price would not be so difficult to deal with if not for the fact that Pima and Egyptian cotton stain …

No Dig Fence Reviews

Doggy Bakery -  Best Dog FenceWhen you own a dog you are responsible for the dog’s well being. While most people tend to think this only really pertains to their food consumption or general health it also means ensuring that they are always safe and protected. This is why so many people prefer to keep their dog fenced in. But fencing is not always a viable solution. There are plenty of dogs that look at the fence as nothing more than a challenge on their way to freedom. They will jump over the fence or, if they are really tenacious, dig their way out from under it. Either way your dog escaping is not a good thing, especially if they are not one for coming back when they are called or if they are still being trained. Fortunately there are plenty of no dig fencing solutions for your diggers, jumpers, and for those who do not have any form of fencing at all.

If you own a fence and want a no dig solution then you can either go purchase a no dig fence kit or you can take the DIY approach. Both approaches are relatively easy to install, though the DIY approach leaves some room for customization to your yard’s specific features. With the DIY approach you merely have to have some chicken wire, stakes, and a staple gun. You simply need to staple the chicken wire to the inner perimeter of your fence. …

What is the best brand of vaporizer?

atmos rx pink There are many brands of vaporizers and it’s high time to know those best brands in the market currently that are affordable and effective. You may be wondering what a vaporizer is. A vaporizer is a device used to extract essential ingredients from chemicals or plant materials. The device is commonly used by those who consume marijuana and other chemicals. The following are those top brands of vaporizers that you will make sure that they are available at your cupboard.

Of most of the vaporizers, Vapir vaporizer is the most famous vaporizer known for releasing the herbs contents and eliminating the toxic elements that may be generated during the smoking process. The vaporizer brand has produced the top selling brands such as; Vapir herbal disk and Vapir digital held vaporizer. The vaporizer has been reviewed (at places like )has being one device that makes the work completely done and it is very affordable and wallet friendly. Apart from that, they are known for their on-time delivery and you are assured to have your product at hand at the appropriate time.

DaVinci vaporizer is another type of vaporizer brand. It is a portable product and has the most unique qualities as it has the highest performance compared to other brands. Apart from that, it is easier to use and you won’t be disappointed in whichever way. The vaporizer has been reputed for being one of the finest brands of vaporizers. …

What Mold Does To Your Home

mold remediation tampaThere are numerous problems that have to be dealt with when you become a homeowner. Things like keeping the lawn mowed, the gutters cleaned, and leaves raked are routine forms of maintenance that come with every house.

However, one form of maintenance that many homeowners do not consider is that of making sure that the house is mold free. Whether you are living in the home yourself or renting it out to others it is your responsibility to make sure that the home is safe and habitable for whomever may be living inside of it.

The problem of course is that mold is very hard to detect and can become a huge problem before you ever even realize there is one. Home mold is a common after effect of water damage that has been left unattended. Then you are forced to find a contractor that is able to handle the problem efficiently.

But there are contractors that handle complete restoration and abatement at one time. This keeps you from going through the bidding on a second contractor to handle the mold remediation.

Mold has the unique ability to grow comfortably and rapidly behind walls, ceilings, under floor boards, and behind cabinets. Anywhere with warm temperatures and any moisture at all is considered an ideal environment for mold growth.

Mold is highly toxic and corrosive. When it latches onto a surface it does not move and it begins to rapidly …

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